We develop industry specific
data science products to aid
decision making

A data science product ,
exclusively for automobile

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Today’s speed of economic and technological changes means one thing; that the right decision yesterday may not work today and could be irrelevant by tomorrow. Solving these dynamic problems requires embracing the data produced by your business and derive meaningful actionable on a continuous basis.

Providing solution to better decisions in any industry involves domain expertise, gathering and analyzing relevant information, evaluating insights and aligning to goals. All of these enable developing strategies and solutions. This is precisely what our product does in its automated form. We develop industry specific data science products to aid decision making.

Added to the above, one should have attention to detail, ability to understand market place and perform meaningful analysis of the situation in hand.Our philosophy is “leave the maths to us”. What you get in turn is a solution which is:


A data science product,
exclusively for automobile industry

In a growing and competitive market such as automobile, it is vital to device processes, predict challenges and respond beforehand based on metrics rather than guesses or micro-management.
Turbo Sense aims to empower decision makers at all levels in a dealership organization with accurate information to provide insight for their daily operational intelligence.
It is an intuitive, user-friendly tool that establishes benchmarks, clarifies performance gaps and provides team specific actionable. Analysis is provided at showroom, model and team level.

Relevant insights for every member in the hierarchy

One gets to see only what is relevant for them. Dealer principals shall be provided an aggregated solution for planning.

Analytics based solutions for challenges at every stage of process

Solution covers each stage in Sales & Service function. Further, there is support in terms of analysis to improve Top-box score via CRM analysis.

Unique solutions customized to address challenges

Be it managing data quality or motivating team or driving your agenda. There is unique solution which could be customized for implementation.


Exciting career oppurtunity awaits

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